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Engineering Events, Webinars and Conferences

TWI hosts and attends events relating to engineering, materials and joining technologies all around the world. These include technical seminars, conferences, webinars and exhibitions.

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All our previously recorded webinars are available here.

About TWI Events

TWI holds a wide range of engineering events each year, including engineering webinars, in-person events, engineering conferences and more.

These are ideal for professional engineers and those who are working across industry covering everything from aviation technology and artificial intelligence to civil engineering topics, mechanical engineering events, modelling and simulation, information technology solutions, green energy advances, renewable energy, robotics, product design and product development, machine learning, electronics engineering, software engineering, and more.

Helping you to stay up to date with the latest cutting edge advances in engineering and technology our events can aid with your continuing education requirements and provide the opportunity to network.

The great success and demand webinars have received in recent times has seen us move to providing more virtual events and online content, with platforms for you to ask questions and exchange ideas across digital channels in real time.

We will also continue to offer in-person science engineering and technology events as well as sending our experts to present at and attend outside events including national (United Kingdom) and international conference days and seminars.

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