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Condition and Structural Health Monitoring

TWI provides complete monitoring solutions for plant and components utilised in a wide range of sectors including aerospace, surface and sea transport, renewable energy, oil and gas, construction and marine. From wind turbines through to storage tanks, shipping vessels and bridges, it is essential that operators are able to monitor and collate feedback on the structural integrity of their assets.

Structural health monitoring (SHM) is concerned with the overall structure of an asset while condition monitoring deals with machinery; mainly moving components such as gears and bearings as well as boilers and heat exchangers.

Monitoring solutions for owners and operators

At TWI, we help companies and organisations manage the life of their structures to facilitate safe and efficient operation. Offering state-of-the-art monitoring solutions, we can deliver improved safety and reliability, reduced inspection and maintenance costs, and continuous monitoring processes.

Our approach uses permanently attached sensors, which collect data that enable the analysis of changes in performance or the condition of a machine or structure, providing real-time information on its condition. Technologies we use in include acoustic emission, guided wave and vibration analysis.

The output is objective and provides reliable data showing any changes to the structure or component, from which an assessment can be made of its overall present health as well as offering a tool for safely extending its useful life.

Digital twin technology

TWI is now embarking on the development and application of  digital twin technology for condition monitoring. Initially, our focus is on a solution for the wind turbine industry, building on our longstanding experience of working with this sector. A condition monitoring system will encompass the entire physical wind turbine, providing ongoing structural health analysis. Simultaneously, this will be mirrored virtually using a 3D model of the wind turbine in the form of a digital twin, including input from different sensors positioned across the physical entity, to continually feedback monitoring data. The output will be a fully comprehensive, real-time assessment of the structural condition of individual wind turbine assets.

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