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Design for Manufacture and Inspection

Our engineers can support you in optimising every aspect of product design.

When designing products that require welding and joining processes, the designer should consider very early on in the project the implications of the choice of process and how the component will be made. Welding can largely be described as a special process and the choice of welding process for a particular job can be difficult without expert knowledge.

The choice of a manufacturing or fabrication process will depend upon a range of factors including:

  • Development, capital and running costs
  • Available in-house expertise and knowledge
  • Material type – impact on welding metallurgy
  • Access and assembly sequence
  • Dimensional tolerance
  • Productivity
  • Technical suitability of the finished part both in terms of as fabricated quality and fitness-for-purpose in service for fatigue performance
  • Inspection requirements
  • Health and Safety
  • Standard, contractual and legislative requirements

Our engineers can provide a fully integrated service to help you to both choose the correct process at the start of a product lifetime, and advise on component design that will facilitate smooth integration of the welding process with the proposed design concept.

A design review for the European Space Agency helped simultaneously cut material costs and introduce a new/higher productivity joining technology. 

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For more information please email: