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Core Research Programme, Industrial Member Reports

Industrial Member Reports present the detailed specification and subsequent findings of projects completed as part of TWI’s Core Research Programme (CRP).  Available exclusively to TWI Industrial Member companies, the reports comprise proprietary, technical information on research and development (R&D) undertaken to tackle the most pertinent technological and industrial challenges being addressed by TWI and its Members.

Access to Industrial Member Reports (CRP Full Reports)

As a Member company, to access Industrial Member Reports, simply visit the Core Research Programme Report Abstracts page – select the project of interest – then click on the TWI Industrial Member Report PDF download button at the top of the page.  This will take you to the Login (Industrial Members) page – once logged in, you will be able to view the full project report.

CRP project selection

TWI’s CRP is steered and monitored by the CRP Research Board and  three CRP Technical Committees: Engineering, Materials and Manufacturing. There are around 50 Committee Members, each of whom represents a TWI Industrial Member company and is a recognised leader within industry.  Topics and themes for CRP projects are identified through facilitated, technology based workshops with Industrial Members and TWI’s technical experts, 1-2-1s, conferences, and day-to-day interactions with industry, other research organisations and academia.

Projects are selected based on their alignment with the CRP Technology Roadmap and TWI's Corporate Strategy, and the overall programme is up to 50% funded by TWI’s Industrial Members’ fees.

CRP impact on wider industry

In recognition of the significant impact the CRP has on industry as a whole, highlights of CRP projects are made freely available to the international engineering community in the following formats:

Report Abstracts – derived from the Full / Industrial Member Reports and enable wider industry to access some of the learning and innovation opportunities identified through CRP projects

Executive Summaries – produced at the start of a new CRP project, providing an overview of the scope for the planned R&D and typically comprising objectives, project outline, industry sector relevance, anticipated benefits and timings.

TWI Industrial Membership

Participation in the CRP, and access to prior results, is only available to TWI Industrial Member companies.  If you are interested in exploring TWI Industrial Membership for your company or organisation, including gaining access to proprietary, in-depth, industry relevant research, please email us at and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements. Learn more about Industrial Member Reports.

Find out more about TWI’s Core Research Programme (CRP).

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