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Inspection and Testing Services

NDT development and qualification

We offer a full range of NDT techniques; and in combination with tailored support to develop innovative bespoke solutions for your particular applications, (standard services are also available through our Test House).

Third party inspection

TWI staff can provide impartial oversight of inspection procedures via third party inspection services to our Industrial Members, and can support you in NDT qualification and validation together with development of holistic approach to maintaining your assets through a total quality inspection methodology.

Risk-based inspection (RBI)

TWI offers RBI solutions to Members as part of its risk and reliability engineering services. In this way you can assess both the likelihood and consequence of failure, allowing you to manage your assets in a manner that maximises safety and reduces cost. As part of this approach TWI frequently help companies implement asset integrity management and pipeline integrity management programmes.

Many companies take advantage of a probability of detection (POD) approach; as part of a full engineering critical assessment (ECA) review of structures or assets. Prediction of the performance of NDT is further supported by modelling and simulation to reduce the time necessary for on-site testing prior to implementation.

Material considerations

Material applications include not just traditional metallic-based products or structures, but also NDT of composites and polymers.


These services are supported by extensive materials/product testing and analysis facilities – encompassing fracture, fatigue, corrosion/aggressive environment testing, and materials characterisation.

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For more information please email: