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Software Products - Fitness For Service

TWI provides software to assist you in your fitness-for-service and risk-based inspection requirements. Our structural integrity software products have been developed and marketed since the 1990s and are compliant with the British Standard BS 7910, which we have also been influential in developing.

Our software covers the automation of fracture and fatigue assessments, the scheduling of inspection and maintenance procedures and asset life assessment.

We currently offer the following fitness-for-service and integrity management products:

IntegriWISE™ - This API 579 fitness-for-service software allows for the evaluation of the integrity of pipelines, storage tanks, boilers, pressure vessels and high temperature equipment. By using this software you can reduce your outage costs by assessing damage mechanisms and producing ‘what if’ scenarios that take the guesswork out of your fitness-for-service procedures. Produced in line with industrial requirements, IntegriWISE automates the level 1 and 2 assessments from API 579 / ASME FFS-1 to provide a rigorous application of the most widely used and relevant standards and procedures.

CrackWISE® - This fitness-for-service software ensures the continued safe operation of pipelines, pressure equipment and structures by assisting with the evaluation of flaws in line with BS 7910. This software is designed to reduce the potential cost of outages and other unforeseen problems.

RiskWISE – The RiskWISE integrity management software is available for use on process plants, pipelines and boilers. This bespoke product is code compliant and capable of processing the large quantities of data associated with a risk-based inspection. Using our combined expertise in the power, petrochemical and oil and gas industries, this software can be customised to meet your individual needs to effectively optimise plant inspection and maintenance.

For more information about TWI's fitness-for-service and integrity management software, please visit our dedicated website.

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