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Solving The Skills Gap With Augmented Reality Training

Tue, 19 March, 2024

TWI has partnered with Seabery Augmented Technology to help close the skills gap and shortage of welders worldwide.

As the experienced welding workforce in developed nations ages and demand increases for proficient welders increases in the developing world, there is a need to bring more young people into the profession.

However, Seabery’s augmented reality technologies, coupled with TWI’s industrial and training expertise is providing a solution.

As TWI’s Information Services Section Manager, Paul Jones asserted, “Recent work at TWI has highlighted that demand for welding and inspection personnel far exceeds the capacity of the current workforce. Augmented reality technology can offset this by enriching and speeding up the welder training experience and attract more new entrants into the welding professions.”

TWI and Seabery signed an agreement in 2023 to allow our training curriculum to be used with their augmented reality systems. This followed an assessment of a range of welder training systems that found Seabery’s solutions to be the best available for this purpose.

Augmented reality provides a life-like, hands-on training experience that speeds up the leaning process and reduces the time taken to train while also using fewer material resources. This is not only beneficial to the environment but also means that skilled welders can be delivered to industry faster than with traditional, real-life physical training.

The augmented systems also offer a number of additional benefits to trainees, such as being capable of monitoring and recording all training data in real-time so that any errors can be spotted and rectified immediately.

While augmented reality systems cannot fully replace real-world experience, it allows users to learn, practice and refine their skills to reach the desired levels of expertise sooner.

TWI has already begun offering this augmented reality training in Malaysia and is due to roll the systems out in other areas soon, including the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

By using the Seabery Soldamatic system for blended welder training, we hope to attract more welders to the profession and reduce the time it takes to train the competent and certified welders needed by industry.

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