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Core Research Programme, Technical Literature Reviews


Technical Technical Literature Reviews are written, as required, by project leaders at the start of a Core Research Programme (CRP) project in order to assist with the preparation of the project’s detailed plan.  As such, they focus on highly specific technologies, in the context of relevant industries, and include useful, subject-related background and selected references to previously published literature.

Short summaries of CRP project Technical Literature Review are available to everyone and typically include some background to the planned research and development (R&D), and existing key findings that will serve to inform the project’s direction.

The full Technical Literature Review versions, however, are available to download exclusively by TWI Industrial Member companies only.  To download, simply visit the Review you are interested in from the list below (presented in alphabetical order), then click on the PDF button to login as a TWI Industrial Member and download the paper of interest.

Find out more about TWI’s Core Research Programme (CRP).