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TWI Global Academy Holds BEng Degree Webinar

Wed, 13 March, 2024

The TWI Global Academy hosted a future focused online event providing insights into a soon-to-be-launched TWI BEng Degree.

The webinar, ‘Empowering your Career: The Future of a TWI Degree (BEng)’ took place on 12 March 2023 and offered attendees information on various aspects of the TWI degree programmes.

TWI’s Director of Membership, Innovation, and Global Operations, Tat-Hean Gan was joined by Venkat Ayyala (APAC Group Regional Manager), Adnan Abdul Ghaffar Rana (Group Regional Manager for MECA Region) Muhammad Ali (Cross-functional Technology Manager), and Ujjawal Bharadwaj (Section Manager of Technology Innovation Management) for the webinar.

The speakers covered a range of topics, including degree programme eligibility criteria, potential programme duration, locations, modes of training, career opportunities, support services, and the application process.

The attendees showed a keen interest in the subject matter, engaging with the presenters and posing questions about the planned degree programme.

We are thrilled to see such a strong interest in our degree programmes. The level of engagement and the insightful questions from attendees reaffirm the value and relevance of our offerings in empowering careers.

The TWI Global Academy thanks the attendees for their participation and active involvement in making the webinar a success and we look forward to further empowering careers through education and innovation.

We will bring you more information in due course, including the upcoming launch of a dedicated website, but for more information about TWI degree programmes and the TWI Global Academy, please contact:

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